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The Brigadier unveiled!

Posted by Terry


OB.1 Review in Premier Guitar

Posted by Terry

OB.1 has just been reviewed in the November issue of Premier Guitar!

“… A compressor smoothes out the dynamics of your guitar, limits the amount of variation between soft and loud playing, and can also provide additional sustain. The Strymon OB.1 can do all that, and even adds a little boost. This Optical Compressor and Clean Boost pedal features true bypass and a low-noise, all-analog signal path. Strymon has taken the greatest qualities of high-end, vintage opto studio compressors and made them available in this small package. …”

Read the full review here


Preview of our new Orbit Flanger.

Posted by Terry

dBucket technology makes for new flanging possibilities.


We’ve already previewed the dBucket technology that is going to debut in our new delay pedal. Here’s another taste of things to come. Just as in the delay, an entire SHARC DSP is dedicated to doing only one thing … the ultimate flanger. We own and love our ADA flanger so naturally that was some of the first sonic territory we wanted to cover, and we think its been covered nicely and more accurately than ever before. We have a nice MXR flanger as well so we also studied that for additional LFO & circuit information. To take things to the next level we’ve also added a through zero mode. Attention to detail has been our motto … every bucket is accounted for in the 0rbit. Coming very soon …

A soundclip is worth a thousand words:

No Regen, Manual Control set with longer delay time for a
lush chorus-like sound
Log LFO, positive Regen for a MXR-like swish
Through-Zero LFO with No Regen, 50% Mix, and negative output for
a dramatic cancellation - listen to the stereo field and you get sucked
into the vortex
Linear LFO with Negative Regen for an A/DA-like swoosh
Fast sweep with moderate Regen to create a swirly vibe
Our exclusive ± hybrid Regen with Linear LFO for a watery
flange sound
The classic riff - positive feedback, Log LFO
Another classic ‘galloping’ riff - Thru Zero with a positive waveform

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