something we’re working on…

Posted by Ethan

something we’re working on…



13 Responses to “something we’re working on…”

  1. Danny says:

    What a tease!

  2. Ryan says:


  3. Alex says:

    So, I know that it has tap tempo and I know that it will use the preset switch, but what is it?!?!?! Filter pedal? Phaser? Tremolo?

  4. soli says:

    the color says “dirt” to me… though something phasey would be great.
    If it’s an OD, maybe a Bypass button and a Favorite/wysiwyg toggle?

  5. Bill Thompson says:

    the script bit looks like Spanish – fortuitous, as i see Spain making it 2 tha finals
    i divine a twisted delay – n’est pas?

  6. Benjamin Tristan Shaw says:

    Elusive blurriness, I don’t care what it is, I can see my pedalboard becoming dominated by Strymon pedals!!

  7. StrymonLover says:

    Your camera is out of focus.

  8. Nick says:

    i don’t see any tubes, it probably isn’t a dirt pedal…

  9. Alex May says:

    It’s not dirt. It has tap.

  10. Dave Graham says:

    Looks like something called the “El Centro” (“El Cajon”?) which MAY be either a vibe/trem type thing….

    who the heck knows? ;)


  11. 73171 says:

    Some people on TGP think it’s a tape (emulated) delay.

    P.S. I own both the Blue Sky and the Orbit Flanger…both are great!

  12. 73171 says:

    Yes! It’s a tape echo/delay…..see the facebook page…I gotta hear sample clips of this….

  13. Rick L says:

    El Capstan???? as in the Capstan rollers used on reel to reel tape players

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