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Dinosaur rockers need tape echo too!

Posted by Ethan

The guys over at Dinosaur Rock Guitar recently took an in-depth look at El Capistan dTape Echo. We’re happy to report that they were very impressed! Here are a few quotes from the review:


El Capistan dTape Echo“Having an El Capistan is as if you went out and bought all the best vintage echo machines, and you can run them anywhere from pristine, to road-worn.”

“The El Capistan is a real treat that is guaranteed to put a smile the face of anyone who grew up loving tape echo. We compared it to real tube and solid state tape echo machines, and were able to authentically reproduce those sounds.”

“Strymon truly achieved their goal of offering the discerning player a pedal that accurately emulates the performance and sound quality of many of the great tape echo machines of the past. Better still, they did it at a reasonable price!”


Dinosaur Rock GuitarBe sure to read the entire review over at Dinosaur Rock Guitar. They include an interesting history of tape echo machines onward into digital delays, onward to El Capistan!

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Guitar Player loves El Capistan!

Posted by Ethan

El Capistan and Favorite switch in Guitar Player Magazine

We’re very honored that Guitar Player has deemed El Capistan worthy of their Editors’ Pick award!

“El Capistan’s unprecedented feature set, versatility, excellent sound quality, and capacity for hands-on real-time control put it in a class by itself, which is why it earns an Editors’ Pick Award.” – Barry Cleveland, Guitar Player, January 2011

Read the complete article on Guitar Player’s site:

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Yosuke Onuma – one of Japan’s top jazz guitarists

Posted by Ethan

We recently heard from Yosuke Onuma, one of Japan’s foremost jazz guitarists. He’s been using blueSky Reverberator and Ola Chorus & Vibrato, and they’ve found a permanent home on his pedal board.

In the past he’s used rack reverbs running through the engineer’s soundboard. He jumped at the chance to switch to blueSky.

“blueSky sounds so good! And it’s so easy to use.”

Yosuke is quickly becoming known around the world as one of the leaders of the next generation of jazz guitarists. He’s released several highly-acclaimed albums and will certainly continue to amaze audiences with his abilities and unique finger-picking style.

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Strymon all over Lyle Workman’s soundtrack work

Posted by Ethan

Lyle WorkmanWe just heard from Lyle Workman, who has been using El Capistan and blueSky all over his latest film soundtrack, Win Win, featuring Paul Giamatti. He sent a photo of his studio pedal rig. We’re super excited that Lyle is recording killer scores with our gear!

“I really love these pedals!!”

You may know him from his work with Todd Rundgren, Jellyfish, Frank Black, Beck, and Sting. Recently, Lyle has composed the scores and wrote songs for several Hollywood smash hits, including The 40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek.

Check out Lyle’s work here:


Lyle Workman's Strymon pedals

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