Mission Engineering expression pedal compatibility

Posted by Terry

The guys over at Mission Engineering were kind enough to send us one of their EP-1 expression pedals to test. Doug put it to test and gave it the thumbs up! It’s solidly built in the USA and compatible with all of our pedals that feature an expression input.

Doug, Terry's dog next to an Expression Pedal and El Capistan

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10 Responses to “Mission Engineering expression pedal compatibility”

  1. Steve P. says:

    Has anyone told Doug that he looks like a small white dog?

  2. Terry says:

    I’m not sure he’s aware of it ;)

  3. James B says:

    expression pedal novice here- do you need any sort of special cable to use the ep-1 with the el capistan?

  4. rick says:

    @James, use a 1/4″ stereo TRS cable and you should be fine. :)

  5. Julio says:

    Hi, I read in some blog that the recomended potentiometer for Strymon pedal is 25k, Does it make any diferent. Also, I been falling in love with the Hotone Soul Press 3-1, Is it safe or compatible pedal with Strymon since it is active and inactive?


  6. Hugo says:

    @Julio – We have found that higher impedance pots in expression pedals work better to get the full sweep of the parameters with our pedals 25k is about the minimum we recommend now with 100k or more being ideal. We also haven’t tried the Hotone Soul Press to know how well it will work with our pedals.

  7. Julio says:

    I ordered the Boss 500FV-L, pedal spec refer of “low-impedance ” because of the Stereo. But as long that I know, using rig/tig cable instead will have the high impedance.

    I am trying to use the exp port A in the DisasterArea DMC 8D to use the Mobius Wah “filter Machine” that did not works with the Dulop Volume X.

    Also, I notices that using Volume as Exp pedal i am having small Param small changes (like noise or flappy connection) that does not allow me to navigating through the menus as supposes to.
    MIDI cable Noises?
    MIDI controller problems?
    Volume pedal converter problems?
    Strymon Pedal incompatibility with the MIDI controller?

    The only way to get rid of this problem is disconnecting MIDI cable, and EXP off in the pedal

    I want to route the problem to the specific manufacture. Thanks

  8. Hugo says:

    @Julio – You may want to look into whether that Boss pedal is compatible to work with your Disaster Area Designs DMC controller. It would also be helpful to know the exact MIDI messages being sent to the pedal when you are experiencing trouble with this. Can you please shoot me an email to support@strymon.net so that we can troubleshoot this problem with greater detail?

  9. therefore says:

    So which pedals are 100k? If the highest the Mission goes is 25k what are others that have tested well in the 100k range? thanks!

  10. Hugo says:

    @therefore – We are not familiar with a specific expression pedal model with 100k as we just created one of our own with loose parts of varying resistance to test out what works best. We do know that the Boss FV-500H has high impedance (around 250k) that works well with our gear.

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