TimeLine firmware update V1.14

Posted by Ethan

TimeLine firmware 1.14 has been superseded by a newer version. Click here for the latest.

Today we’re releasing a firmware update for TimeLine. All that is needed to update is a computer and a MIDI interface. All current TimeLine users should apply this update.

The following changes are included in V1.14
• Tap subdivisions are now always applied when TAPDIV is set to something other than quarter notes. Delay time is always displayed in quarter notes.
• The TAP LED now changes to amber color if TAPDIV is set to something other than quarter notes. When quarter notes are selected the TAP LED is green.
• If BPM/Time is currently displayed, it will now still be displayed after banking up/down to change presets
• Dedicated MIDI CCs have been added for control of the looper. MIDI note messages were already supported to control the looper and now CCs can be used if a MIDI controller doesn’t support note messages. The looper CCs have been posted in a new revision of the user manual.
• A few “under the hood” bugs were fixed

The update file and instructions can be downloaded here: TimeLine Firmware Update

This update and any future updates will be available on our support page FAQ

happy shredding!

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23 Responses to “TimeLine firmware update V1.14”

  1. schtaf says:

    This. Company. Is. Incredible. Total transparency, total support.
    You guys have ears for tone AND your customers. Keep it up

  2. […] Timeline reverting back to quarters? No longer. Fixed with the free Strymon update available here: Strymon Timeline Firmware Update. I played with it live for the first time this weekend with the update, and wow it makes my life […]

  3. Kevin says:

    Cmon… we need preset naming/ an editor program. Then this will destroy the eventide!

  4. CZ says:

    If I only HAD a Timeline TO update…

  5. Mario says:

    Kevin is right… preset naming would be a very very important update. And a software to edit the presets would be the icing on the cake!

  6. steelstrings says:

    Would be nice to have a USB interface to update the Timeline. Plug that baby straight into my Mac. Midi sucked 40 years ago and it still sucks today..Of course I’m a guitar player, what do I know?

    And yes a naming/editing app would be killer!!

  7. Michael says:

    How do I know / look up what Firmware my Timeline has?

  8. Laurent says:

    I have recently purchased the Timeline, it is definitly a great product !
    I just take the opportunity for my wish list ;-)
    1 – Kill dry feature is what I miss the most
    2 – Preset naming would be great if possible
    3 – Find a way to know which of the 2 bank presets is active even when bypassed (to avoid loosing unsaved modification if activating the other preset instead of the 1st). Maybe blinking the led ?

    Thanks again for your great products.

  9. Mike Oliver says:

    Any update on the ETA of the next batch of Timeline pedals? (Mine is already pre-ordered) Thanks! :)

  10. thirtytwobars says:

    Definitely DEFINITELY needs a preset naming function. Essential, I would say. Such an awesome pedal should not go without that function :)

  11. James O. says:

    Can someone tell me if they are able to have a “global” tap tempo on their TimeLine?

    Thanks, James

  12. Simone says:

    Timeline is a killer pedal!! but…What about a midi command dedicated for the bypass?? it would very usefull! thx

  13. Yesplz says:

    PRESET NAMING!!!!!!!! Those of us who gig all the time NEED a preset naming function. At the very least the ability to program a delay and then scroll through individual characters(arcade game scoreboard-style) to name it is essential. TL owners are asking for it all over internet forums. We believe in you, Strymon! Don’t let your fans down :)

  14. Joshua Bredahl says:

    I just ordered a Timeline… Will I still need to update the firmware? Or will it come already updated? Since it’s already been a few months I assume all the current Timeline’s being produced and purchased are already updated.

  15. Terry says:

    Hi Joshua, all currently shipping TimeLines have the V1.14 firmware.

  16. Joshua Bredahl says:

    Awesome! That’s great Terry, thanks so much. Any idea when the next update is? And does it include naming presets? :)

  17. Chris says:

    Dedicated midi command to bypass it please!

  18. BC3 says:

    Can the looper be saved as a preset so can be selected as a program change via midi? Thanks!

  19. Seth Plemmons says:

    Global Tap Tempo please!

  20. Jamie Severson says:

    ‘Spillover’ between presets would make this pedal blow anything else out of the water. Right now, as amazing as it is, it can’t be used to transition between effects :(.

  21. Ethan says:

    We are hard at work on some tasty updates. Stay tuned :)

  22. Gareth says:

    A few thoughts for the looper function – if any of these features could be implemented then that would be great;

    The ability to create seamless loops (Most import as currently there is an audible ‘beat’ at the start/end of the loop during playback)
    The ability to control the volume/level of the loop via expression pedal
    A feedback control for the loop (i.e. previous overdubs/layers fade out as you add to the loop)
    The ability to Undo the most recent overdub (i.e. if you fluff a note/mess up)

  23. ian says:

    I’m hoping ‘kill dry’ function and preset naming are a part of the update. ‘kill dry’ is crucial for when using a wet only return through a mixer.

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