Pete Thorn – killer TimeLine delay demo

Posted by Ethan

Pete Thorn (guitarist with Melissa Etheridge, Chris Cornell, Don Henley, and many others) just put together this killer TimeLine demo. Check it out! And be sure to show Pete some love by checking out his new album Guitar Nerd.

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3 Responses to “Pete Thorn – killer TimeLine delay demo”

  1. Paul says:

    I cannot believe people are buying these on eBay for over $650… People should be buying them straight from you guys…. $450 is a great deal, and I thank you for making such great pedals. Like Peter said… I let the Timeline help me make music… It is an instrument in and of itself. Thanks!

  2. Tom Rollison says:

    Okay. So now we all know where Pete lives. In his studio! Just kidding, but thanks for the time (line) you put in. Excellent demo. As if my lust wasn’t doggin’ me enough. Fer the Timeline,kay?

  3. Gregor Stephan says:

    Absolutely inspiring – both the box and Pete Thorn. Is there anyone else who has as much fun, says only as much as is necessary, and opens your head so sweetly? And yeah, a versatile modern delay has been on my list for a while. That list just became very short. Thank you.

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