We Like Sharing Pretty Pictures

Posted by Angela

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well maybe our pictures aren’t quite worth that much, but we sure do enjoy sharing pictures with you and checking out your pictures.

So we have joined Instagram. Maybe you have already found us, but if not it may be because we have a little longer name on Instagram. You can find us at @strymonengineering.

Here is just a small sampling of pictures we have enjoyed checking out on Instagram. If we aren’t following you and we should be, please post a comment below with your instagram name and we will get on that :D

Peter Strecker (@sirkingpeter)

Denis Talasso (@denistalasso)

Brinquedo novo Strymon- Simulador de Caixa Leslie.

A photo posted by Denis Talasso (@denistalasso) on

Tommy Gleeson (@tominterrupted)

Neither will Dudley #frenchie #strymon

A photo posted by Tommy Gleeson (@tomgleesonmusic) on

Tyler Ham (@thetastyham)

Nick Grammaticos (@nickgrammaticos)

Looking forward to picking up one of these next week #strymonflint #tremolo #reverb #strymon #flint

A photo posted by Nick Grammaticos (@nickgrammaticos) on

Ryan Menard (@ryanmenard)

It sounds perfect #bluesky #strymon #geartalk #pedalboard #pedal #guitar #cleantone

A photo posted by Ryan Menard (@ryanmenard) on


4 Responses to “We Like Sharing Pretty Pictures”

  1. Noel Swasta says:

    Dear folks at Strymon,
    Thanks for being awesome. Instagram: NoelSwasta.

  2. Igor Kasyanyuk says:

    You guys rock. Seriously pushing the boundaries of guitar sound.

  3. Ethan mates says:

    Instagram– @ethanmates

  4. joe dunlap says:

    @joedunlapmusic I use your pedals all the time in the studio. Love my Flint and El Cap.

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