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SVpre has been discontinued.
SVpre has been discontinued, and we’re completely out of stock. Unfortunately, we’re unable to pursue the development of a Spider Valve MkII-specific internal tube mod.
We have many projects cooking in the Strymon labs, and hope to eventually develop something that would be suitable as a replacement for SVpre. We can’t provide details or estimated release dates for products in development. Please keep an eye on our blog and sign up for our email newsletter, we’ll post new product information there first.


  • Replace your inexpensive solid state preamp with a premium 12AX7 tube circuit.
  • Dramatically improves feel and tone
  • Improves dynamic response of the amplifier
  • Your guitar (and volume knob) will react as if you are plugged into a real tube amp, because you will be!
  • Pedals will behave as if they are in front of a normal tube amp, because they will be!
  • Includes a premium analog front end upgrade for the Analog to Digital converter, utilizing an Analog Devices JFET amplifier
  • 3 selectable “push” modes further expand the sonic palette. Get more of your gain from a real tube rather than a model
  • Exclusively for Spider Valve

Frequently asked questions about the SVpre:

  • How is the SVpre installed?: The installation is very simple. Install one connector and solder 3 wires.
    Because of the high voltage associated with tubes, installation needs to be performed by a
    qualified service technician.
  • Will I really be able to notice a difference in the sound?: Yes, there is a huge difference in feel and tone.
    If you feel like something may be missing when you play your Spider Valve, SVpre can bridge the gap.
  • Will installation of the SVpre void my Line6 warranty?: Yes, unfortunately any modification to your amp
    will void the warranty. However, we feel that the advantages greatly outweigh the cost.
  • What are the “push” modes?: “PUSH” offers 4 pre-set gain selections on the SVpre. This allows you
    to customize your amp based on your playing style. If you like the way you Spider Valve sounds but
    want it to feel and react more like an actual tube amp, leave the SVpre in “stock” mode. If you crave
    tube gain and want to depend less on digital distortion, you can choose from “yellow push” ,
    “orange push” , or “red push.” Choose wisely.
  • Why did you make this thing?: We at strymon are fans of Line6. We saw great potential in the Spider
    Valve amp and in experimenting with it, we found adding a tube before the digital modeling and
    processing greatly improved the playing experience. We feel that the full potential of the amp is only
    realized when you wrap that dsp modeling in a warm, fuzzy tube blanket. :)
  • SVpre has not yet been tested in the new Spider Valve MkII

Made in the USA

*SVpre requires installation by a qualified service technician

Spider Valve is a trademark of Line 6, Inc. Strymon is in no way affiliated with Line 6, Inc and the Spider Valve trademark is used solely to identify the product studied during the development of the SVpre.

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