Delay Pedals

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    TimeLine Multidimensional Delay Pedal

    TimeLine provides you with twelve different delay machines, each with extensive control over sonic character and feel. Get warm and fuzzy analog style repeats all the way to shimmery, sparkling, and crystalline ice delays.

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    El Capistan dTape Echo Delay Pedal

    El Capistan provides three different tape machine types in one, each with three unique modes. Go from the sound of a pristine, studio-quality tape machine to the heavily fluctuating sound of a machine in need of service.

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    $299 at the Strymon Store

    Brigadier dBucket Delay Pedal

    Brigadier utilizes asuper-powerful SHARC DSP and dedicates all of it’s horsepower to doing one thing and one thing only—delivering the best analog bucket brigade delay sound ever.

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