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OB.1 Product Launch

Posted by Terry

We are proud to announce the official launch of our OB.1 Optical Compressor & Clean Boost!

OB.1 front view

Introducing the OB.1 Optical Compressor

Posted by Terry

rear view orange guitar pedal showing 2 chrome nose input jacks, recessed DC jack and side profile view of black control knobs

An optical compressor of the highest quality, right at your feet. Integrated clean boost built in with foot-switchable and selectable standard clean boost, treble boost, or mid boost. Save room on your pedal board by integrating your compressor / clean boost / treble boost. The best choice for the first pedal in your pedal board signal chain. True bypass, premium all analog signal path …

see the OB.1

SVpre Gets Rave Customer Reviews

Posted by Terry

side angle view of SVpre tube preamp circuit board with components

spaceatl (Line6 forum): “The design and construction of the SVpre is first class. The fit is perfect! This is quite impressive given that it is replacing something that was initially designed to be half the size. The most interesting thing about the tube section is that is gleans it power from the existing 12AX7’s power supply. So the voltage will sag on the front end as conventional designs do. The SVpre seems to have been a missing piece of the puzzle. … Congratulations and Thanks to Strymon Engineering for what is a “must-have” for all Spider Valve owners…”

Bmeyer ( “Ok guys….I’m convinced now…the SVPre is the real deal!!! As I told Terry, this made me go from being lukewarm about the SV in stock form to not being able to turn it off! BTW, I tried the push modes and went to Orange and closed’er up. This mode is awesome! Tried Red and it wasn’t for me. Like spaceatl mentioned, picking dynamics, volume control via guitar and feel/response all greatly improved. This now feels more like an all-tube amp than a modeler. Buy one!”

bmeyer (Line6 forum): “I just installed the SVPre in my used 1×12 SV. Best mod I’ve ever made to an amp. This truly was the “missing piece” to this amp. Now the feel and tone is truly tube.”

Vocaltrax (Line6 forum): “Wow !! very easily install just took my time time with the punch down conn I noticed a difference right away the feel of the amp is much better and it sounds better. I didn’t get a chance to tweek any of my patches yet I just wanted to hear and feel the difference first. Is it worth the money YEP”

rblyn (Line6 forum): “Hey all- Been reading the forum for awhile…Got a lot of info on the SVPre from folks posting on here and my curiosity got the best of me. Had one installed yesterday and brought it to practice and all I can say is “WOW”. I have it set to Orange and the sound is much THICKER and WARMER. Notes stand out so much better and sing. Stood toe to toe with the other guitar player’s Triple Recto- no problem and still have a ton more versatility. Other guitar player was floored with the sound as well. Certainly worth every penny. I have two HD100’s (play in two cover bands) and will now have to get another SV Pre ASAP!!! I must add, the customer service and help I got from Terry at Strymon was first class. I highly recommend this upgrade to anyone with a Spider Valve.

More reviews soon …

Check out an SVpre for yourself!

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