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The Raconteurs and Strymon

Posted by Ethan

Brendan Benson from The Raconteurs recently sent us a few photos from their recent 2011 tour. He relies on the transparent compression and vintage squash of his OB.1 Optical Compressor & Clean Boost for his touring rig. Very cool! :)

Couple shots of his pedal board during soundcheck before the show:
brendan benson's pedalboard (the raconteurs)

The raconteurs

White Lies love their Strymons

Posted by Ethan

Rob Lee and Harry McVeigh from the English rock band White Lies have been extensively using TimeLine and blueSky on their recent tour. Rob just sent us this photo taken just before soundcheck at Wembley Arena in London. They’ll be out on tour again this summer, be sure to check them out when they come to your town!

White Lies - Rob Lee and Harry McVeigh with their Strymon TimeLine and blueSky

Below is a video of them performing “Bigger Than Us” on Letterman.

Here is the official music video for “Bigger Than Us”:

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