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TimeLine, blueSky, and El Capistan – looping nerdery

Posted by Ethan

When I’m not busy making videos, audio demos, and doing all of my marketing stuff for Strymon, I spend lots of time in my home studio making my own videos and nerding out with music gear. Basically, I’m just always nerding out with gear. :)

This video started out as a way to test out some new looping software (Circular Labs Mobius), but I ended up getting carried away and wrote a new song. I’ve got El Capistan and blueSky on my guitar, as well as TimeLine and an old Boss DF-2 on my vocals. I’ve been using TimeLine quite a bit for vocals—for this video, I’m using primarily the TimeLine Ice and Lo-Fi machines. Hope you dig it :)

TimeLine firmware update 1.23

Posted by Ethan

TimeLine firmware 1.23 has been superseded by a newer version. Click here for the latest.

We’ve been working hard over the past few months to add some cool new features to TimeLine. The update is now ready for release and you can download it here.

What’s new:
1. Preset naming – Display an (optionally) scrolling 16 character preset name, or the bank number
2. Global Tap tempo – Keep the most recently tapped tempo across all of your presets
3. 5 second Spillover* – Once you’ve played for at least 5 seconds on a patch, the current sound will spill over when you change to a new patch
4. Tap averaging – Tap tempo now averages your taps to more easily zero in on the desired tempo. Some have better rhythm than others ;)
5. Kill dry – Mutes your dry signal for use in a parallel effects loop
6. Looper Undo to initial loop & Redo – Undo all overdubs and revert to the first recorded loop. Redo will bring back the recorded overdubs.
7. New dedicated MIDI CC for Bypass – Bypass or Engage TimeLine via MIDI regardless of which preset you are currently on
8. Also … new MIDI CCs for Looper Level, Looper Undo, Looper Redo, and Infinite Repeats
9. Loop transitions are now smoother
10. Ability to record 100% wet with the looper
11. Save to MIDI patch number – when a MIDI program change message is received during a save, the patch will automatically be saved to that location.
Some miscellaneous “under the hood” bugs were also addressed with this update.

In order to take full advantage of the new factory preset names, you should follow the optional step of initializing your presets after updating the firmware. Additionally, we have provided a sysex file that only initializes presets in Banks 50-99 if it’s desirable to preserve edits you’ve made in banks 0-49.

The update will remain available on our support page FAQ

happy shredding!

*Detailed explanation from DSP guru Pete Celi on the “5 second” rule regarding our new spillover feature.

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