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Say Hi to Rick!

Posted by Ethan

Recently our friend and all around good guy Rick Miller joined our team as Strymon’s customer service and community manager. If you send us an email or give us a call, chances are it will be Rick that you’ll be talking with! He’s active and available on several popular gear forums, and he also offers support and answers your questions on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

So how about we throw a few questions at Rick and let him tell you a bit more about himself?

Rick Miller

What was your first guitar?
My first guitar was a cheap Strat knock off that I got for my 15th birthday. I remember my folks made me play my mom’s old acoustic guitar for a full year before they committed to buying it for me. Before that, I had played the baritone horn in grade school and, surprise surprise, quit shortly after! I’m convinced it was because of the first time I had to march. I just didn’t have the coordination to read music and march at the same time. In the end, guitar and bass were a much better fit for me!

Most random job you’ve ever had?
When I was about 19 years old I actually worked at a local hardware store in Connecticut for a whole entire month. The ironic part about this is that I knew nothing about tools at all. One time a guy asked me for a “C” clamp and I took him to the plumbing aisle and showed him the hose clamps. He looked at me like I was an alien and then proceeded to explain to me what a “C” clamp was. Super embarrassing!

Celtics or Lakers?
Celtics! C’mon, I’m from New England!

First CD you ever bought?
This is a tough one because I didn’t actually own a CD player until I was old enough to use my own money to buy one. Before that, I was all tape baby! I think it may have been Nirvana Incesticide. I DO remember buying my first album though. I was about 8 years old and i bought a copy of Sports by Huey Lewis and the News. I still love that album.

Things you miss about Connecticut?
My entire family still lives in Connecticut so without a doubt I miss them the most. I also miss the Summers in Connecticut. It’s so green and vibrant and there are so many cool lakes and streams to swim and fish in!

Things you don’t miss about Connecticut?
The blistering cold, gray winters will never be missed by me! After almost 10 years in Los Angeles my blood has thinned to a point where I refuse to go back to Connecticut in the winter unless I absolutely have to!

Your favorite beer?
Wow, what a great question. I love so many different beers for so many different reasons. You cannot go wrong with a Sam Adams Boston Lager and that’s typically my go to beer if the bar only offers the usual American swill from Miller-Coors or Budweiser. If I had to pick an absolute favorite I’d say Russian River “Consecration”. It’s a fantastic dark sour ale brewed with sour ale yeast and aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels along with black currants. It’s truly an exceptional beer.

Your favorite beer you brewed?
I’ve been brewing for a long time now and have literally brewed at least 100 different batches of beer. I’d say my absolute favorite batch was the very first one I brewed. It was a simple red ale that I completely screwed up by not adding enough water to bring it up to a full 5 gallon batch. In the end, it came out incredibly strong and barely drinkable but it was the catalyst for a new obsession that I still enjoy today.

Tape Op review of El Capistan and blueSky

Posted by Ethan

Tape Op logoRecently Alex Maiolo of Tape Op Magazine had a chance to spend some time with our El Capistan dTape Echo and blueSky reverberator. Here is what he had to say:

El Capistan and blueSky

On Strymon:

“Strymon, while certainly being boutique, have unabashedly embraced the digital age – using modern technology to fix age-old problems and eliminate impossibilities. ”

“Fans of good design will notice that Strymon pedals are unique looking. They are beautiful and original, while still retaining the familiar qualities of good ol’ classic stompboxes. The layout is well thought out, and the construction is solid. The footprint is relatively small considering the controls but doesn’t seem crowded. All of the I/O is in the back panel, which is very handy if you have more than a few things on your board. I don’t think they could have done a much better job, aesthetically or functionally.”

On El Capistan:

“I went to both ends of the spectrum with these controls, which allowed me to hear what a machine new off the shelf probably would have sounded like, as well as one that was brought back into use after propping up a table for 30 years, with no servicing before powering up. After tailoring it to my needs, I used the unit for at least eight live shows with three different bands, and found it to be a joy to use, even under the pressure of a performance.”

“All in all, a fantastic, great sounding little box that delivers on its promise with no exceptions.”

On blueSky:

“The real reason to buy the blueSky is because it goes way beyond what other reverb pedals can do, almost into rack territory. When the left toggle is switched to Mod, a light chorus effect is added that is both subtle enough to not sound like you’re rehashing dated, ’80s sounds, but strong enough to add some interesting depth. It’s hard to describe what happens when the same switch is in Shimmer mode. As the reverb decays, harmonics develop and ‘bloom’ – the longer the decay setting, the more intense the harmonic development and overall effect. It’s very unique, usable, and can take things in an almost synthy direction.”

Check out the full review below:

Read the review!

Guitar World is giving away a TimeLine delay!

Posted by Ethan

Contest has ended. Congratulations to Montgomery Groff from Denver, CO. Stay tuned for other giveaways!

TimeLineOur friends over at Guitar World are offering up a TimeLine delay pedal. Head on over there and enter to win! Contest ends August 13. Ok, go!

Enter to Win!

About TimeLine:

When we decided to create a studio-class stereo delay effects pedal, we knew we must go well beyond what has been done in the past. We spent months locked up in the Strymon sound design labs with an intense focus on dreaming up the most lush, creative, and musically inspirational delay effects ever heard.
| learn more here |

Flint production under way!

Posted by Ethan

The production of our Flint Tremolo & Reverb is now under way. We hope to start shipping to customers and dealers very soon. Thanks for your support! :) Here are some photos of the first Flint build:

Flint Tremolo & Reverb build

Flint Tremolo & Reverb build

Flint Tremolo & Reverb build

Flint Tremolo & Reverb build

Flint Tremolo & Reverb build

Flint Tremolo & Reverb build

Flint Tremolo & Reverb build

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