Gear Guide: Backing Up and Restoring Presets on BigSky, Mobius, and TimeLine

If you have a BigSky, Mobius, or TimeLine, you can save the custom presets you’ve created onto your computer using the Strymon Preset Librarian software.  You can also use our Librarian software to load these and other saved presets for your pedals from your computer to the Strymon pedals. You can download the Mac or PC […]

Gear Guide: Using the Right Power Supply For Your Strymon Pedal

Ojai - Pedal Power Supply

In this installment of Gear Guide, let’s talk about power! A common question that we receive is what kind of power supply can be used with Strymon pedals.  There are many different options out there.  We know that some users like to use third party power supplies. Using the right power supply is important to […]

Gear Guide: Sound on Sound with El Capistan

Welcome to the first installment of our new Strymon Gear Guide series!  I will be providing tips and tricks on using and understanding the various features of our Strymon pedals on a monthly basis.  Hopefully I can help shed some light on any questions you may have about using our gear and harness the full […]