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Artist Inquiries

Thanks for your interest in Strymon. We believe that every one of our customers is an artist. We’re consistently blown away by the exceptional and inspiring music that has been created with our gear. We truly admire those artists who have decided to pursue music as their profession.

The best way to be featured as an artist and to get our attention is to hang out with us on social media.


However, there are still the traditional ways to reach out by filling out the below form. You can also email us directly at [email protected] but we’ll likely still ask you to fill out the form below so that’s the best place to start.

We’d love to be able to team up with many of the excellent artists that have amazed us with their creativity. But the reality is that we’re a very small company without any sort of A&R team or A&R budget. We’re only able to work with an extremely small number of artists per year.

Please read through the FAQ before submitting an application. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Strymon do traditional endorsement or sponsorship deals?

No, we will not pay any artist to use our gear.

I don’t use Strymon gear yet. Will you work with me?

We do tend to focus on artists that are already Strymon users.

Will I receive a response after I submit an application?

We will review your application and listen to your music. Please be aware you may not receive a response from us. Please don’t take it personally— we may love your music but we can only choose an extremely small number of artists to work with per year.

  • Artist Information
  • Online presence
  • Questionnaire
  • Are you currently a full time musician?
  • Please be aware, you may not receive a reponse. Please don't take it personally! We're only able to work with an extremely small number of artists per year.