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Bypassing the Cab on Iridium with a ‘Null Cab’ IR File

With Iridium, you can use compatible 24 bit/96kHz ‘Null Cab’ IR files to use as a ‘bypassed cab’ that you can load to either side (LEFT or RIGHT or BOTH) of the 9 Cab Slots with the Strymon Impulse Manager software.

The ‘Null Cab’ files are useful for bypassing one or both sides of the speaker cab processing on Iridium for different routing options.



Null Cab Mono

Null Cab Stereo


Loading Null Cab IRs to Iridium

  • Download the mono or stereo Null Cab IR file(s) above to save on your computer.
  • Open the Strymon Impulse Manager software and navigate to the dowloaded ‘Null Cab’ IR’s with the Impulse Responses browsing folder at the top left of the application.
  • Drag the ‘Null Cab’ IR file to the desired Cab Slot:
    • You can drag the ‘Null Cab Mono’ IR file into either the LEFT or RIGHT (or both) sides of each Cab Slot.
    • The ‘Null Cab Stereo’ IR file will replace both sides (LEFT and RIGHT) of the Cab Slot.
    • NOTE: The ‘Null Cab’ IR files are a bit loud, so make sure to adjust the IR level settings in the ‘info’ box for the selected Cab Slot.
  • Click ‘Sync Changes’ when you are done editing to save the changes to Iridium’s memory.