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Can I connect multiple Strymon pedals to Nixie 2?

You can connect two or more Strymon pedals to Nixie simultaneously and select each pedal individually to edit & manage their presets.

For Strymon USB pedals, connect each pedal to its own computer USB port.

For Strymon MIDI pedals, connect multiple pedals by chaining the MIDI IN and MIDI OUT ports of the pedals together in a “chain” configuration:

  • Start by connecting the MIDI OUT of your MIDI interface to the MIDI IN port of the first pedal in the chain.
  • Connect a loose MIDI cable from the MIDI OUT port of the first pedal to the MIDI IN port of the second pedal.
  • Connect the MIDI OUT port of the second pedal in the chain to the MIDI IN of your MIDI interface.
  • Configure the pedals’ Global Settings. When connecting more than 1 strymon pedal to the Nixie 2 software using the same MIDI Interface/port, make sure that the following settings are made within the GLOBLS menu of each pedal in the chain
    • Set MIDI PA (MIDI Patch Change) and MIDI CT (MIDI Continuous Controller) to ON for all pedals.
    • Set MIDI TH (MIDI THRU) to MERGE for all pedals.
    • Set MIDI ST (MIDI State) to OFF for all pedals.
    • The MIDI CH (MIDI Channel) must be set to a different channel number for each pedal.
      • Timeline set to MIDI Channel 1
      • BigSky set to MIDI channel 2, etc…
  • Connect the USB MIDI interface to your computer’s USB port.