How can I mount Zuma to my pedalboard?

As Zuma is lightweight at 1.25 lbs, you can use Dual Lock® to mount underneath your pedalboards. When mounted in this manner, place the Zuma upside down with the rear IEC power connection aligned with one of the rear holes for your power connection.

We also offer the Zuma Mounting Kit for compatible Pedaltrain® boards.  These mounting brackets can be used to mount your Zuma underneath your PedalTrain® pedalboard.

Zuma Mounting Kit Instructions

Zuma Mounting Bracket Screws

These brackets are compatible with:

Pedaltrain PT-3/Pro/Grande
Pedaltrain Novo 18/24/32

Pedaltrain Classic 1/2/Jr/Pro
Pedaltrain Terra 42
Pedaltrain Fly

*Zuma mounting brackets are not compatible with older model Pedaltrain boards (PT-1, PT-2, PT-JR) with holes on the rear brace instead of an open pass through for the length of the board. For those boards, we recommend affixing Zuma to your board with Dual-Lock®.

Zuma mounting kit for pedaltrain