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How can I recall a Favorite setting on Sunset?

You can connect an external MiniSwitch to Sunset’s FAV Input to save and recall a single Favorite preset setting that provides access to another set of sounds for both A and B channels. This provides you with A, B, and A+B sounds for your non-Favorite setting, and a separate set of A, B, and A+B sounds for your Favorite setting to get 6 different sounds.  On Sunset, the bypass state of each side (A and B) will also be stored in the Favorite preset.

  • First, connect an external MiniSwitch to the FAV Input on Sunset with a TRS stereo cable.
  • Then, dial in the settings you would like to store as your favorite preset with the knobs and switches of the pedal.
    • The Favorite preset will also save the bypass state of each side of Sunset along with the setting of the NOISE REDUCTION so you can have independent noise gates for both the Favorite and manual settings of the pedal.
  • Once you have the pedal set the way you like, press and hold down the A footswitch for about 3 seconds to store the setting.
  • Your Favorite setting will be stored for all future power ups until you save a new Favorite following the steps above.