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How can I set Riverside’s noise reduction?

Riverside has an optional, variable-threshold noise reduction feature to tame hum, buzz, and system noise when you’re not playing.  To use the noise reduction:

  • Press and hold the ON footswitch for a few seconds until the LEDs blink.
  • Release the ON footswitch and turn the DRIVE knob past the 12 o’clock position to engage the Noise Reduction.  The FAVORITE LED will change from GREEN to AMBER at the 12 o’clock position to indicate the Noise Reduction has been engaged.­
    • Turning DRIVE past 12 o’clock increases the Noise Reduction threshold for louder and noisier setups. The FAVORITE LED will change from AMBER to RED to indicate the increased Noise Reduction threshold level.
  • Press the ON footswitch to store the new Noise Reduction setting to the Riverside.

NOTE: The Noise Reduction setting can be saved independently for the Favorite preset and manual settings on Riverside.  To do this, set the Noise Reduction level before saving your Favorite preset.  Once your Favorite preset has been saved, change the Noise Reduction setting to work with your manual setting.