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How can I use MultiSwitch in Looper Expression Mode? (TimeLine)


Use the supplied TRS 1/4″ cable to connect the MultiSwitch to TimeLine’s EXP input.

Expression Mode Selection

Once MultiSwitch is connected and your pedal is powered up, press and hold the VALUE encoder for a few seconds to enter the GLOBLS menu, turn the VALUE encoder to select EXP MD, and press the VALUE encoder once more to enter that parameter. Now, turn the VALUE encoder to select LOOPER. Press the TYPE encoder to exit the GLOBLS menu.


3-Button Looper

With TimeLine’s Expression mode set to LOOPER, MultiSwitch provides access to the TimeLine Looper’s Record/Overdub, Play, and Stop controls while still having the ability to Bank Up, Bank Down, and Engage/Bypass presets with the TimeLine’s own onboard footswitches.

6-Button Looper

With TimeLine’s switches set to LOOPER control (by pressing and holding the TAP switch for a few seconds), MultiSwitch provides access to REVERSE, HALF SPEED, and UNDO/REDO OVERDUBS controls.