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How can I use Riverside’s Volume mode?

You can control the overall output volume of Riverside with a connected expression pedal by setting the pedal to Volume Mode.  In this mode, the expression pedal will control the volume with a logarithmic audio taper for smooth control over the output signal.

  • First, connect your expression pedal to the EXP jack of Riverside with a TRS cable.
  • To set the EXP jack to operate in Volume mode, press and hold the FAVORITE footswitch at power up while plugging in the power to Riverside. Both the FAVORITE and ON LEDs will start blinking.
  • Release the footswitch and turn the LEVEL knob to the 12 o’clock position.
  • Press the ON or FAVORITE footswitches to store this setting and use Riverside.

In Volume mode, the LEVEL knob sets the highest volume level for the TOE down position of the expression pedal.  Also, the highest TOE down position of the expression pedal will correspond to the setting that the LEVEL knob was saved to for the Favorite setting.

NOTE:  A connected expression pedal will still control the volume output even when Riverside is bypassed if the pedal is set to buffered bypass mode.