Can Zuma R300 power my pedals?

Zuma R300 provides a total of five – 9V DC center negative outputs, providing 500mA of current each.  One of these is an adjustable output that can be set to 9V (500mA), 12V (375mA), or 18V (250mA).  Pedals can be connected to Zuma R300 with the included 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel connector cables.  Zuma R300 can power most effects pedals on the market, including all Strymon pedals. However, there are some pedals that have different requirements:

My pedal requires LESS than 500mA of current:

  • It is safe to power your 9V DC pedals that require less than 500mA.  This applies to most effect pedals. Your pedal will only draw the current it needs.

My pedal requires MORE than 500mA of current:

  • You can use a third party CURRENT DOUBLER cable to sum the current of two outputs together to power a single pedal.

My pedal requires 12V DC:

  • You can use Zuma R300’s adjustable output set to 12V.

My pedal requires 18V DC:

  • You can use Zuma R300’s adjustable output set to 18V.

My pedal requires center-positive polarity:

My pedal requires 15V/24V DC:

  • Zuma R300 provides 9V, 12V, or 18V DC outputs.  24V can be achieved by using a third party voltage doubler device plugged into the adjustable output set to 12V, however, Zuma R300 does not have options to provide 15V.

My pedal requires AC power:

  • Zuma R300 only provides DC power, so it cannot be powered.

****Caution: Providing too much or too little voltage to your pedals can provide undesired performance or even damage your pedals. Please make sure to check with each of your pedals’ manufacturer for recommended voltage, polarity, and current to ensure proper operation and prevent damaging your pedals with incorrect power.****