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How do I change the bypass mode on Sunset?

Sunset can be set to operate in either True Bypass (electro-mechanical relay) or Buffered Bypass modes.

Setting Sunset to buffered bypass mode preserves the high frequency response of your guitar signal through your pedal chain and long cable runs.  You can also use the Volume pedal mode even if Sunset is bypassed when set to Buffered Bypass mode.

  • At power up, press and hold the B channel footswitch while plugging in the power to Sunset.  Both the A and B channel LEDs will blink.
  • Release the footswitch and turn the B channel LEVEL knob to the LEFT (GREEN LED) for True Bypass or turn the knob to the RIGHT (RED LED) for Buffered Bypass.
  • Once the Bypass mode has been set, press the A or B channel footswitches to save this setting and begin using Sunset.

The Bypass mode is saved for all future power-ups until it is changed again following the same steps.