How to connect to Strymon Update

Compadre, Riverside, and Sunset

These pedals have a micro-USB port located inside the chassis of the pedal that is accessible by removing the bottom plate.  Once the bottom plate is removed, the micro-USB port is found on the left side of the pedal.  You will need a micro-USB cable to connect your pedal to a USB port on a computer.


Magneto Eurorack module

Magneto has a USB-mini port located on the rear exposed circuit boards of the module.  Make sure to provide external power to Magneto while connecting the module to a computer using the included USB-mini cable to perform the update.


Iridium, NightSky and Volante

Connect the powered pedal to your computer with the included USB-mini cable via the USB-mini jack located on the back of the pedal.


  • Once your device is connected to your computer and powered up with a power supply, run the Strymon Update software to perform the update on your pedal.