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How can I control Riverside with MIDI?

***In order to control Riverside with MIDI, it must have firmware version 1.22 or later.  An easy way to check if your Riverside is running version 1.20 or newer firmware is to try setting the MIDI Expression functionality.

  • When Riverside is already powered up, press and hold down the ON footswitch until the LEDs begin to blink.
  • Release the footswitch and turn the TREBLE knob back and forth.
  • If you are running version 1.0 firmware, the color of the ON LED will NOT change when you turn the TREBLE knob.

To update Riverside, please download the Strymon Update software.

MIDI Connections to Riverside

To begin using Riverside with an external MIDI device, connect the MIDI out jack from a pedal, controller, or computer interface to the EXP jack on Riverside. The following devices can be used to send MIDI messages to Riverside:

  • Strymon MIDI EXP cable (link)
  • Strymon Conduit MIDI Hub (link)
  • Compatible 5-pin MIDI to 1⁄4” MIDI Interface:
    • Disaster Area Designs – DPC Gen 3 Series, DMC Gen 3 Series, MIDIBox
    • Empress Effects – MIDIbox2

Configuring Riverside to Use MIDI

Set EXP jack to MIDI Mode

Once you have connected Riverside to a MIDI source, you must set the EXP jack to MIDI mode.

  • Press and hold the FAVORITE footswitch while connecting the pedal to power.
  • When the LEDs stop blinking, release the footswitch and turn the LEVEL knob clockwise until the B LED turns BLUE.
  • Press either footswitch to store the EXP jack assignment.

Set MIDI Channel

Next, you will need to select a MIDI channel to communicate with Riverside.  Riverside is set to MIDI channel 1 by default.

  • Press and hold the ON footswitch while connecting the pedal to power.
  • When the LEDs stop blinking, release the footswitch and turn the DRIVE knob to set the MIDI channel.  The FAVORITE LED will change color as the MIDI Channel is changed.
    • GREEN – MIDI Channel 1
    • AMBER – MIDI Channel 2
    • RED – MIDI Channel 3
    • Blue – MIDI Channels 4-16
      • This setting requires a 1/4″ MIDI connection to set.  Once the LED turns BLUE, it will blink until the pedal receives a MIDI Program Change message.  Once a MIDI PC message is received, the pedal will be set to the MIDI channel that the message was sent through and the LED will stop blinking.

Set MIDI Output Mode

The MIDI Output mode must be set to determine what kind of MIDI data is sent out by Riverside.  ***NOTEIf you are only sending MIDI data to Riverside or if you are using the Strymon MIDI EXP cable, the MIDI Output mode must be set to OFF.***

  • Press and hold the FAVORITE footswitch while connecting the pedal to power.
  • When the LEDs stop blinking, release the footswitch and turn the MIDDLE knob to select what kind of MIDI data is sent from Riverside to other MIDI devices.  Both LEDs will flash  a color momentarily as the mode is changed.
    • GREEN – ON – Using Riverside’s knobs and switches generates MIDI messages that are sent out of Riverside.
    • AMBERTHROUGH – Incoming MIDI messages are sent out without any additional MIDI messages generated by Riverside.
    • REDOFF (default) – No MIDI messages are sent out of Riverside.

Saving and Recalling Presets on Riverside with MIDI

Saving Presets

When set to MIDI mode, the currently loaded settings can be saved to any of Riverside’s 300 preset locations at any time.

  • To enter SAVE mode, press and hold the FAVORITE footswitch.  The FAVORITE LED will start blinking BLUE.
  • Send a MIDI Program Change message from your connected MIDI device to Riverside.  The LED will stop flashing and Riverside will save the settings to that preset location.
    • To save a preset to the currently loaded preset location, simply press the footswitch once again while the LED is flashing.

Recalling  Presets

  • To recall presets on Riverside, send the pedal a MIDI Program Change message on the same channel the pedal is set to that corresponds to the desired preset you would like to recall.  The FAVORITE LED will light up AMBER to indicate a MIDI preset is selected.

Additional Info on Recalling Presets with MIDI

Riverside contains 300 preset locations, numbered sequentially from 0-299. Because MIDI Program Change messages have a maximum number of 128 (0-127) the presets are grouped into three MIDI patch banks:

  • MIDI BANK 0 = PRESETS 0-127
  • MIDI BANK 1 = PRESETS 128-255
  • MIDI BANK 2 = PRESETS 256-299

Riverside always powers up in MIDI Patch Bank 0, so if you plan to stay within the first 127 presets, simply send a standard MIDI Program Change message to load a preset.

If you will be using MIDI Banks 1 and/or 2, it is advisable to send a standard MIDI Bank Change message (MIDI CC# 0 with a value equal to the MIDI Bank#) before each MIDI Program Change.

Selecting bank 0, patch 0 will recall Riverside’s on-board Favorite preset (RED FAVORITE LED)which can also be accessed with the on-board FAVORITE switch on the pedal.

Selecting bank 0, patch 127 will put Riverside into Manual mode (FAVORITE LED OFF). In this mode, the pedal will be set to the current knob and switch settings.  No preset data can be stored at this preset location.