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Does Mobius have all of the features of Orbit, Ola, Lex, and Flint?

No. Mobius is a multidimensional modulation pedal with 12 unique and tweakable mod machines.

While there are several flanger, chorus, rotary, and tremolo sounds within Mobius, the feature sets and exact sounds between those and Orbit, Ola, Lex, and Flint are not identical.

Mobius offers most of the primary features and sonic sculpting capabilities as Flint, Orbit, Ola, and Lex and in most ways takes that even further by offering a huge palette of new and unique features. Some parameters from Flint, Orbit, Ola, and Lex did not make it into the Mobius.

The rotary machine does not offer bi-amp, cab filter, cab direction and hold for brake options. Those features are available on the Lex pedal exclusively.
The modulation machine on Mobius does not offer Ramp or Envelope modes but does offer five different types of chorus effect modes which is something Ola does not feature.

Mobius offers every feature found in the Orbit flanger pedal as well as the tremolo side of the Flint reverb and tremolo pedal.