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Does the BigSky have all the features of the blueSky and the Flint’s reverb section?

The BigSky reverb pedal has the three reverb types that are available on the blueSky pedal, however, though they both sound great, they have slight sonic differences.  One difference is that you can use the Shimmer effect on each of  the different reverb types available on that pedal (Plate, Room, and Spring).  Also on the blueSky, the Plate reverb with Shimmer has an octave up, and the Spring and Room types have an octave plus a fifth up.  On the BigSky, try setting the MODE parameter in the PARAMS menu to REGEN and using either just +Octave or +Octave & 5th settings.

The era based reverbs on the Flint, however, are unique to that pedal and are not found on the BigSky.  These reverbs can be set to sound darker than those found on the BigSky and blueSky pedal.