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Does TimeLine have all of the features of El Capistan, Brigadier, and DIG?

The TimeLine is a multidimensional digital delay with 12 unique and fully tweakable delay machines with some delays that have similar settings to our smaller delay pedals.

The dTape mode within TimeLine will feature the Single head sliding machine, with full control over each parameter. El Capistan is a dedicated tape echo experience, giving you more in-depth control over tape echo sounds, including the Multi-head modes, Fixed head modes, Sound on Sound, and spring reverb.

The analog bucket brigade delay sounds from the Brigadier are available in the TimeLine’s dBucket setting.

On the Dig dual delay, the tone of the delays are different than those on the TimeLine’s DUAL delay machine.  The closest to the TimeLine’s Digital machine is the DIG’s 24/96 setting, however, it has some subtle dynamic ducking of the delays that the TimeLine’s Digital setting does not.  Feature-wise, the DIG has the unique digital voicings for 24/96, ADM, and 12 bit delays, the ability to set the output configuration to ping pong between the left and right outputs when used in stereo, and the Golden Ratio tap division which provides delays that will never step on the repeats for getting a great ambient sound with long trails.