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External Expression Control of the Rotary Machine Speed

On the Rotary machine in the Mobius pedal, there are 2 speeds for the effect: Fast and Slow. The Fast speed is controlled by the SPEED knob, and the Slow speed is controlled by the SLOSPD parameter in the PARAMS menu (press VALUE to access PARAMS).

You can use the Mobius’ onboard TAP switch or an external TAP switch connected to the EXP input of the pedal to toggle between the Slow and Fast speeds.  An expression pedal, however, will only control one of those parameters: the Fast speed which covers 255-510 bpm or the Slow speed which covers the brake (0 bpm) or 30.7 – 59.9 bpm. There is no way to control the full speed range for both Fast and Slow speeds for the Rotary machine as you can only use the TAP switch to toggle between the 2 speeds.