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How can I change the jack configuration on Conduit?

Each of Conduit’s TRS jacks can be independently configured to one of four MIDI communication modes to accommodate a variety of different TRS MIDI pedals.

  • To change the jack configuration of Conduit’s four TRS jacks, start with Conduit disconnected from power.
  • From here, connect power to Conduit while at the same time pressing and holding the SET button.
  • All five LEDs will blink to indicate SETUP mode. The four 1/4″ TRS jack LEDs will blink with a color indicating their current configuration:

GREEN = Tip Send

RED = Ring Send

AMBER = Tip and Ring Send


  • To change the configuration of the desired jack, plug a cable into the jack, then unplug it. The LED color will change to indicate the new configuration mode.
  • To save and exit SETUP mode, press the SET button once more.
  • Conduit is now ready to use.