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How can I disable the amp or cab on Iridium?

You can bypass either the amp or the IR speaker cab on Iridium if you desire.  The ROOM processing is always active in any of these output modes.

To bypass either the amp or IR cabinet:

  • Press and hold the ON footswitch at power-up to enter this mode. 
  • Turn the DRIVE knob to select the output mode.  The status is shown by the color of the FAV LED.
    • Amp+Cab both ON (default) – RED LED
    • Amp BypassGREEN LED
      • Amp bypass is used for when you would like to disable the amp modeling on Iridium, or would like to use another preamp in front of the pedal.
    • Cab BypassAMBER LED
      • Cab bypass is used when when you would only like to utilize the amp modeling from Iridium without the IR speaker cabinet.
  • Note: During normal operation, the ON LED will take on the color of the selected mode when lit.

    • RED (default) LED for normal mode (both Amp and Cab processing active)
    • GREEN LED for Amp Bypass mode
    • AMBER LED for Cab Bypass mode