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How can I get help with the BigSky Plug-In?

As with any software release, you may experience a glitch here or there when using the BigSky Plug-In.  If you are having trouble, or would like to report any issues you may have run into when using the program, we are here to help.  Please send an email to [email protected] that includes the following information:

  • Your computer make and model
    • What is the processor model and speed?
    • How much RAM does the computer have?
  • Your computer operating system version
  • What is your audio interface?
    • What is the sample rate and buffer size being used?
  • Version of the Plug-In you are using (noted in the top-left corner of the plug-in window)
  • DAW/Recording program and version
  • Details on the problem you are experiencing
  • The steps you take to reproduce the problem  (Can the problem be reproduced consistently?)
  • Details on all of the steps you have taken to troubleshoot the problem
  • Are there any other programs open/running?
    • If so, does closing all other programs make a difference?
  • How many tracks are there?
    • How many have the plug-in applied to them?
  • Which reverb type is being used on the open plug-in(s)?
    • What are the parameter settings being used?


Thanks! 🙂

Strymon Support
[email protected]