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How can I use the Filter Machine as a wah?

The Filter machine on Mobius contains a WAH mode that can give you a great sounding WAH effect.

Follow these steps

  1. Set your Mobius to accept an Expression pedal in the Globals menu.
  2. Navigate to the Filter machine and access the Common parameters by pressing down on the VALUE encoder. Select WAH from the MODE menu.
  3. Assign either PARAM 1 or PARAM 2 to control the F MID parameter. Please refer to this FAQ to see how to assign the PARAM 1 and PARAM 2 knobs.
  4. Turn on and assign the Expression pedal to either PARAM 1 or PARAM 2 (depending on what knob you assigned in step 4) by navigating to the Common parameters in the Filter machine and first scrolling to EP and turning the expression pedal ON and then scrolling to EP SET. Once in EP SET select HEEL and turn the PARAM knob to your desired minimum position and then select TOE and turn the PARAM knob to the desired maximum position. Press the VALUE encoder to exit out of the EP SET menu and then press the TYPE encoder to exit out of the Common Parameters menu.
  5. Set the Depth knob on the front of the Mobius to its minimum position so to not introduce any modulation in the wah sound when rocking the pedal to its toe down position.
  6. Rock the pedal back and forth and you have a great sounding WAH.
    *Make sure to save your preset or all expresion pedal assignments will be lost once you power down or navigate to another preset.