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How do I Access Additional Parameters on Volante?

On Volante, there are several additional controls and functions that are available in addition to the primary hardware controls on the pedal.  *Note: Each of these parameters are saved independently in each preset.


Live Edit Functions

  • To access the Live Edit functions, press and hold down feedback buttons 1 and 4.
  • While holding down the buttons, turn the knob for the corresponding Live Edit Function:
    • SPRING Decay – Turn SPRING knob
      • Left = shorter decay, Right = longer decay
    • PAUSE with Mechanics Ramp Speed – Turn MECHANICS knob
      • Left = slower pause with mechanics, Right = faster pause with mechanics
    • SOS Looper Repeats Level – Turn REPEATS knob
      • Left = fewer looper repeats, Right = more looper repeats
      • Set to maximum for infinite looper playback.
    • SOS Looper Level – Turn ECHO LEVEL knob
      • Left = quieter looper playback, Right = louder looper playback
    • Respond to MIDI Clock – Turn REC LEVEL knob, status shown with ON LED.
      • Off = RED LED (default)
      • On = GREEN LED
    • MIDI Expression – Turn LOW CUT knob, status shown with ON LED.
      • Off = RED LED – Does not respond to MIDI Expression CC# 100 (default)
      • On = GREEN LED – Responds to MIDI Expression CC# 100

Additional Settings

  • Head Playback Level – Press and hold down the desired head’s playback button for 1 second to select half volume for that head.  (playback button will turn AMBER)
    • Press and hold down the same playback button for 1 second to return back to full volume.  (playback button will turn back to GREEN)
  • Head Panning – Press and hold the desired head’s feedback button and turn the TIME knob to set the panning.
    • FAVORITE LED will illuminate RED when panning is centered.
    • When using only the LEFT OUTPUT, the delay output is set to mono.