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How do I adjust the signal routing of the 4-Stage and 6-Stage phasers on Zelzah?

The 4-Stage and 6-Stage phasers on Zelzah can be routed in one of 3 ways:

  • Series – GREEN (default) – Output of the 6-Stage phaser feeds into the 4-Stage phaser when both sides are engaged.
  • Parallel – BLUE – Output of both the 4-Stage and 6-Stage phasers are mixed to the outputs while maintaining stereo independence of the LEFT and RIGHT signals.
  • Split – RED – Sets both the 4-Stage and 6-Stage phasers as mono effects that are sent to separate outputs when using stereo output.  Output of the 4-Stage phaser goes to OUT L, and output of the 6-Stage phaser goes to OUT R.

To change the signal routing on Zelzah:

  1. When the pedal is already on, press and hold the ON (6-STAGE) footswitch.  Once both LEDs flash, release the footswitch.
  2. Turn the VOICE knob to select the desired routing option which will be indicated by the color of the ON (6-STAGE) LED.
  3. Press either footswitch to exit and store the routing option.

*NOTE: The Signal Routing is saved independently per Favorite setting or MIDI preset.