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How do I assign the EXP input on my Lex?

This info can be found on Page 5 in the Lex user manual.

The EXP pedal jack input can be used for either an Expression Pedal, an External Speed Switch, or an external Favorite switch. Lex is set up to use an Expression pedal by default. There is a quick power-up procedure to tell your Lex how to assign the EXP jack. You only have to do this once.

  • Power down your pedal.
  • While holding both TAP and BYPASS at power up, and turn the FAST ROTOR SPEED KNOB:
    • Fully counterclockwise for Expression pedal
    • Fully clockwise for Favorite switch to save a favorite setting
    • To the middle position for external speed switch
  • Let go of TAP and BYPASS once you have made your selection.

If you’re using the EXP jack for a Favorite switch:

  • Press and hold BYPASS to save a new favorite setting.
  • Press FAVORITE to engage your favorite setting.