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How do I change the bypass mode on Cloudburst?

From the factory, with the rear I/O Mode Selector set to mono, cloudburst is set for True Bypass as the default.  There are several benefits to setting cloudburst to Buffered Bypass mode:

  • Preserves the high frequency response of your guitar signal through your pedal chain and long cable runs.
  • Helps maintain signal levels when  the pedal is both bypassed and engaged when there is an impedance mismatch between the pedals’ output and the device it is connected to.
  • If there is DC offset in the audio signal, it helps eliminate popping in the audio when engaging and bypassing the pedal.

To change the bypass mode on cloudburst:

  • Press and hold the footswitch for at least 2 seconds while connecting power to cloudburst. Once the LED flashes, release the footswitch.
  • Toggle the ENSEMBLE switch to choose between True Bypass or Buffered Bypass modes. The LED will change color to indicate the current status as you toggle the switch.
    • True Bypass: GREEN (default, LEFT switch position)
    • Buffered Bypass: RED (RIGHT switch position)
  • Press the footswitch to store the Bypass mode and begin using cloudburst.

NOTE:  With the rear I/O Mode Selector set to mono -> stereo or stereo, the bypass mode is automatically set to Buffered Bypass.