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How do I change the bypass mode on Deco?

From the factory, Deco’s bypass mode is set to True Bypass with the option to be set to Buffered Bypass.  There are several benefits to setting Deco to Buffered Bypass mode:

  • Preserves the high frequency response of your guitar signal through your pedal chain and long cable runs.
  • Helps maintain signal levels when the pedal is both bypassed and engaged when there is an  impedance mismatch between the pedals’ output and the device it is connected to.
  • If there is DC offset in the audio signal, it helps eliminate popping in the audio when engaging and bypassing the pedal.

To change the bypass mode on Deco:

  • Press and hold the DOUBLETRACKER ON footswitch while powering up Deco.  Once both LEDs flash, release the footswitch.
  • Turn the LAG TIME knob to choose between True Bypass or Buffered Bypass modes.  The DOUBLETRACKER ON LED will change color to indicate the current status as you turn the knob.
    • True Bypass: GREEN (default).
    • Buffered Bypass: RED
  • Press either footswitch to store the Bypass mode and begin using Deco.

NOTE:  Connecting a cable into the RIGHT OUTPUT jack will automatically set the bypass mode to Buffered Bypass.