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How do I connect my Strymon pedal(s) to Nixie 2?

USB Connection

  • Connect your Strymon cloudburst or Iridium from its USB jack to your computer’s USB port. (Note that you can connect to any USB 2 or faster computer port.

MIDI Connection

  • For Strymon BigSky, TimeLine, and Mobius, which do not include USB, you’ll need a MIDI interface to connect from the pedal’s MIDI IN and MIDI OUT ports to your computer. There are many types of MIDI interfaces out there, but we recommend a robust USB MIDI interface that uses dedicated drivers to operate reliably with your computer’s specific operating system. We do not recommend getting a plug-and-play MIDI interface as we have seen many of those have trouble with handling the data transferred between the pedal and your computer. A simple MIDI interface that we recommend is the Roland® UM-ONE MKII. Strymon also offers the MIDI Conduit device, which functions as a rock-solid MIDI interface as well as a multi- functional MIDI routing hub to expand external MIDI control of all your Strymon pedal.
  • ***NOTE: The MIDI ports will transmit data back and forth between your computer and your Strymon pedal, however, they do not send audio.  Please use the audio INPUT and OUTPUT connections to audition the changes you make on your Strymon pedals.***
  • To connect your pedal to your computer with a MIDI interface:
    • First, make sure to connect your MIDI interface to your computer and and ensure any required drivers are installed on the system to operate correctly.
    • Connect the MIDI OUT port of your MIDI interface to the MIDI IN port of your Strymon pedaltimeline_midi.png
    • Connect the MIDI IN port of your MIDI interface to the MIDI OUT port of your Strymon pedal.
      • Please keep in mind that some MIDI interfaces have cable ends that tell you where to connect them to such as the Roland UM-ONE.  For these interfaces, ‘TO MIDI IN’ connects to the MIDI IN port of your pedal, and ‘TO MIDI OUT’ connects to the MIDI OUT port of your pedal.
    • Set MIDI PA and MIDI CT in the GLOBLS menu of your pedal(s) to ON.
    • Set MIDI TH to MERGE.
      • For pedals with older firmware, set MIDI TH to ON.
    • Set MIDI ST in the GLOBLS menu of your pedal to OFF.
    • If you are connecting more than 1 Strymon pedal to Nixie 2 at once, make sure to set each pedal to its own MIDI Channel (MIDI CH in GLOBLS).
    • Launch the Nixie 2 application and your connected pedal(s) will be automatically detected.