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How do I enable the TRS input on the Orbit?

Based on customer feedback, in June 2012 we introduced an updated Orbit design that includes an internal jumper allowing for selectable TRS stereo input, as well as non-click footswitches.

This FAQ does not apply to Orbit mono input (now discontinued), which was manufactured before June 2012 and includes a mono input. Read this FAQ to determine which pedal you have.

The input can be set for either mono input or TRS stereo input. The pedal ships in mono configuration from the factory.

To adjust the configuration.

  1. Remove the back cover of your pedal.
  2. On the left side of the circuit board, you’ll see a jumper that can be set in two positions.
    • Place the jumper on the left 2 pins for TRS stereo input.
    • Place the jumper on the right 2 pins for mono input.


In order to use the TRS stereo input, you’ll need a TRS stereo input adapter like the one shown below. You can purchase one here.