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How do I name and save my presets on the TimeLine?

This feature was added to the TimeLine with the release of firmware version 1.23. If you haven’t updated to this version yet please see the following FAQ’s to help you get going on how to do that.

TimeLine Update Instructions

TimeLine Update Help and Tips

First Steps (these only need to be done once):

  1. Access the Globals Menu on the TimeLine by holding down the Value encoder for about two seconds.
  2. Once in the Globals Menu, use the Value encoder to scroll through the menu options and stop when you see “NAMES”.
  3. Press the Value encoder to set the “NAMES” menu option to ON or SCROLL and then press the Type encoder to exit the Globals Menu.

Naming Presets:

  1. Dial in your custom patch the way you want it.
  2. Press but DO NOT HOLD the Value encoder to access the Common Parameters Menu.
  3. Use the Value encoder to scroll through the Common Parameter Menu options and stop on “NAME”.
  4. Press the Value encoder once to rename your patch. Use the Value encoder to scroll through characters and the Type encoder to move to the next character in the name.
  5. Once you are finished renaming your patch, press the Value encoder once to exit the “NAME” menu option.
  6. Note: Your custom name will not be saved unless you save your preset after naming.

Saving Presets:

  1. Hold the Type encoder down for about two seconds.
  2. Use the Value knob to scroll through the bank location where you want to save your preset.
  3. Press down either the A or B footswitch to save to the specific channel you want in that bank. The LED screen should momentarily display “SAVING”. Your patch is now saved.