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How do I perform a factory reset with Brig?

Performing a Factory Reset restores the pedal to its factory default Power Up functions, and replaces all stored presets with their factory default settings.

  • Press and hold the footswitch for at least 2 seconds while powering up Brig. Once the LED flashes, release the footswitch immediately.
  • Press and hold the footswitch again and immediately sweep the FILTER knob from minimum to maximum and back two times.  The LED will change colors at the extremes of the knob range and flash RED to indicate when the reset is taking place.
    • TURN 1, from minimum to maximum: AMBER
    • TURN 2, from maximum to minimum: RED
    • TURN 3, from minimum to maximum: AMBER
    • TURN 4, from maximum to minimum: The LED flashes RED, Brig resets and restarts