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How do I save presets in MIDI mode with Lex?

When in MIDI mode, the currently loaded settings can be saved to any of
Lex’s 300 preset locations at any time.

  • To enter Save mode, press and hold BOTH footswitches. Both LEDs
    will blink GREEN to indicate that Lex is waiting to receive a MIDI
    Program Change message.
  • To save the current state of the pedal to the currently loaded pre
    set location, press and hold the SLOW/FAST footswitch until the LED
    lights BLUE

Another way to save presets in MIDI mode:

  • To save the current state of the pedal to any preset location, send
    the unit a MIDI Program Change on Lex’s currently selected MIDI
    channel. For example:
  • Send MIDI Program Change #10 to save the preset to the corre
    sponding memory location on the pedal
  • To recall this preset, send MIDI Program Change #10 from your
    MIDI controller or sequencer.