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How do I set Custom Panning for the Tape Heads on Magneto?

The panning for all four playback heads can be set manually when the PAN switch is set to CENTER.  To set a custom panning for each of the playback heads, turn the PLAYBACK LEVEL knob while pressing and holding down that head’s corresponding FEEDBACK button while in FEEDBACK (GREEN) mode. Turn left for left panning, right for right panning, or set to 12 o’clock noon for center panning.

For example, to adjust the panning for Playback Head 1:

  1. Set PAN switch to CENTER.
  2. Press and hold GREEN FEEDBACK ON/OFF button under PLAYBACK LEVEL 1 knob.
  3. While holding down FEEDBACK ON/OFF, turn PLAYBACK LEVEL 1 knob to adjust panning for PLAYBACK HEAD 1.