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How Do I Set My MIDI Channel With My RJM Switcher?

RJM switchers, when working with multiple MIDI devices, changing channels on the PBC sends program changes to all of your devices in order, so the first PC that is sent from your switcher will be the first MIDI channel built in to your switcher. Our pedals, when configuring to MIDI channels 4-16, will sync themselves to the channel of the first PC they see. Below are the necessary steps to properly set MIDI channels 4-16 with your RJM switcher:

– Hold 1 and 3 on the switcher to get into setup
– Select Edit Presets
– Select any preset
– Move to the Strymon pedal entry
– Set your Strymon pedal into MIDI CHANNEL MODE
– On the switcher, press Val – or Val +
– The Strymon pedal will flash to confirm that it has been sent a MIDI PC and is now configured
– Press Val – or Val + to correct the PC number you just changed
(because you just edited your preset)
– Press Exit repeatedly to get out of setup