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How do I set the Input Level on Zelzah?

To set the Input Level on Zelzah:

  • Press and hold the ON (6-STAGE) footswitch while connecting power to the pedal. Once both LEDs flash, release the footswitch.
  • Turn the SPEED (4-STAGE) knob to select the Input Level mode. The ON (4-STAGE) LED will change color to indicate the current status as the knob is turned.
    • Instrument: GREEN (default) – Input headroom set for guitar level source.
    • Line: RED – Use with line level source, such as a keyboard or synthesizer. Adds 10dB of headroom.
  • Press either footswitch to store the Input Level mode and begin using Zelzah.

NOTE: Input Level is a global setting persistent across power cycles and is not saved per preset.

4-Stage and 6-Stage Headroom

Though both the 4-Stage and 6-Stage phasers on Zelzah have more headroom than most analog phasers, the 6-Stage phaser has a bit less headroom than the 4-Stage phaser by the nature of the signal path.  This means it is easier to saturate the signal when using the 6-Stage phaser when feeding Zelzah an audio input signal that is hotter than instrument level such as when using a synth or placing the pedal within the effects loop of an amplifier.  This saturation is normal, but if you would like to avoid this, you can either set the pedal’s input level to LINE level mode, or turn down the volume level feeding Zelzah’s input.