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How do I set the Input Mode on Deco?

Deco provides two input modes to tailor the range of the Tape Saturation for your input signal.

To change the Input Mode:

  • Press and hold the DOUBLETRACKER ON footswitch while powering up Deco.  Once both  LEDs flash, release the footswitch.
  • Turn the SATURATION knob to select the Input Mode. Both ON LEDs will change color to indicate the current status as you turn the knob.
    • Normal: GREEN (default) – Input headroom is set for an instrument level source, such as a guitar or a bass.  Normal mode is recommended when using Deco on your pedalboard in front of an amp.
    • Studio: RED – Tailors the Saturation range to be best suited for hotter input signals.  Studio Mode is recommended when using Deco with DAWs, mixer inserts, line level synths, or hot effects loops in guitar rigs.  10dB of headroom is added.
  • Press either footswitch to store the Input Mode and begin using Deco.