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How do I set up an expression pedal with UltraViolet?

Configuring the EXP/MIDI Jack


  • Press and hold the footswitch for at least 2 seconds while powering
    up UltraViolet. Once the LED flashes RED, release the footswitch.
  • Turn the VOLUME knob counter-clockwise until the LED turns GREEN.
  • Press the footswitch to store the EXP/MIDI Jack Mode and begin
    using UltraViolet.


Expression Pedal Setup

Use a TRS expression pedal to remotely control the knobs of UltraViolet.
By default, UltraViolet is configured so that an Expression pedal controls
the SPEED knob.

  • Connect an expression pedal to the EXP/MIDI jack of UltraViolet using
    a TRS cable.
  • Press and hold the FOOTSWITCH for at least 2 seconds, until the
    LED blinks GREEN.
  • Rock your expression pedal to the HEEL position. The GREEN LED
    will stop blinking and remain lit.
  • Set the knob(s) you would like to control to the desired settings for the
    HEEL position of the expression pedal.
  • Rock the expression pedal to the TOE position. The LED will turn RED.
  • Set the knob(s) you would like to control to the desired settings for the
    TOE position of the expression pedal.
  • Press and release the UltraViolet footswitch to exit and store your
    expression pedal setup.

*We recommend using an expression pedal with 25k resistance, such as the Moog EP2/ EP-3, or the Mission Engineering EP25K*