How do I set up my blueSky to work with MultiSwitch Plus?

To configure your blueSky and MultiSwitch Plus to work with each other:

  • Press and hold the FAV footswitch while connecting power to the pedal. Hold until both LEDs stop blinking.

  • Turn the DECAY knob all the way counter-clockwise to set the MIDI channel to Channel 1. The FAV LED should be GREEN.

  • Turn the PRE-DELAY knob to select any of the following MIDI OUT options:
    • Send MIDI CC, PC, and Other Data: WHITE
    • Send MIDI CC and Other Data: GREEN
    • Send MIDI PC and Other Data: PURPLE
    • Send Other Data: AMBER
  • Turn the MIX knob all the way clockwise to set the EXP/MIDI jack to MIDI mode. The ON LED should be BLUE.

  • Press either footswitch to exit and store the MIDI channel, the MIDI OUTPUT setting, and the EXP/MIDI jack mode.

  • Connect a TRS cable to blueSky’s EXP/MIDI jack.

  • Press and hold the A footswitch on MultiSwitch Plus while connecting the other end of the TRS cable to any one of the three jacks to set it to Preset mode.

To save a preset on blueSky with MultiSwitch Plus:

  • Dial in the sound that you would like to save as your preset on blueSky.

  • Press and hold both footswitches on blueSky until both the LEDs blink GREEN.

  • Press the A, B, or C footswitch on MultiSwitch Plus to save the current state of the pedal to the desired location.

To select a preset on blueSky with MultiSwitch Plus:

  • Step on a switch that is not illuminated to recall the corresponding preset.

  • Step on an illuminated switch to bypass blueSky.